Forget gridlocked holiday traffic, cries of 'are we nearly there yet' and instead picture yourself moving through the lush landscapes on a bike, the train or by foot. Welcome to our guide on how to experience the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley without a car.

Train tracks to adventure

Skip the traffic and let a train whisk you to Lydney, Chepstow, Ledbury, or Hereford to start your gateway car-free. Soak in the scenery as you peer through your window at rolling hills, arriving refreshed and ready to wander. Book your journey in advance to secure that lucrative window seat - if you are travelling with the family snag a table seat for colouring and activities. You can download our nature spotter guide here

Want something to listen to? We have created two podcasts to inspire you on your journey click on the images to listen. The first episode 'Cycles in the Forest' follows a family on their car free adventure into and around the Forest of Dean. 

In the second episode, we join Andy as he explores the opportunities that the natural environment of the destination offers for well-being and mindfullness. 

Lace-up and hit the trails

Walkers, rejoice! Miles of trails cater to all levels. Conquer the epic Offa's Dyke Path with its panoramic views, meander along the scenic Wye Valley Walk, or explore hidden gems on the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail. Shorter jaunts are perfect for a post-train stretch take a look at our 12 easy walks here.

Two wheels, endless thrills
Family Cycling

Saddle up and cycle through this verdant playground. Family-friendly paths like the Forest of Dean Family Trail offer gentle cruising, while the challenging downhill at the Forest of Dean Cycle Centre rewards the adventurous. You can hire a bike and all your kit from lots of providers across the destination. No need to worry about hills or getting tired you can hire an electric bike (e-bike)

Float down the River Wye
Canoeing with dog

Let the current guide you on a serene canoe trip. Start at Ross-on-Wye or Symonds Yat and hire a canoe, then glide beneath dramatic cliffs and ancient woodlands, or savour the tranquillity of a journey from Tintern Abbey, soaking in the evocative ruins. A fresh perspective and a welcome break from the roads.

Location, location, location

Lots of our attractions are handily close to one another. You can get a bus into Coleford and walk to Perrygrove Railway Adventure where you can spend the morning enjoying a train ride, and exploring the treehouses, maze and indoor play area. Just up the road is Puzzlewood where you can marvel at moss-covered rocks and enchanting pathways that feel like a fairytale. A little bit further still you can descend into Clearwell Caves, where geological wonders and ancient inscriptions tell tales of the past. 

Enjoy the Scenic Route 

Explore the Forest of Dean at a leisurely pace with the Dean Forest Railway. This charming heritage railway winds its way through 4.5 miles of idyllic countryside, offering stunning views and access to several charming villages. Hop on and off at Lydney Town, Norchard, Whitecroft, Parkend, or Lydney Junction, each stop boasting its own character and attractions.

Breathe deep, unwind, reconnect

Disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with yourself and the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. Listen to the rustling leaves, inhale the crisp air, and let the serenity of nature wash over you. This car-free adventure is an opportunity to rediscover the simple joys of life and immerse yourself in this beautiful destination.

So, ditch the car, embrace the rhythm of the rails, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. Let the trails be your map, the river your guide, and the serenity your reward. Happy exploring!




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